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Woman today are more aware of their health needs than ever before. Brooklyn Women’s Services (BWS), led by Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta and affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center is a medical resource that you can turn to for every aspect of your health care, focusing on both your physical and emotional needs.


Brooklyn Women’s Services is committed to providing Complete OBGYN Obstetrics and Gynecological care to all women through all stages of a woman’s life. BWS provides optimum OBGYN healthcare service designed specifically for women all in one convenient location, including: Annual Women’s Exams, Breast Exam and Pap Smear test.

Brooklyn Women’s Counseling Services. Working on personal and professional issues in therapy can help bring added meaning to your life, help you to learn excellent conflict resolution skills and improve your relationships. Learn techniques to relieve stress, overcome depression and anxiety, as well as improving your self-esteem.

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  • Staten Island, New York

    “Excellent care! BWS constantly strives for and achieves an extremely high degree of professional care and personal attention for their patients. I have always been and am sure will continue to be completely happy with the whole BWS team from front desk to doctors office”.

    Susan Montesani

  • Brooklyn, New York

    “Thank you for the excellent health care service that was made available to me for the fifteen years that I was a patient at BWS. An added benefit for me was interacting with the attentive and professional staffers. BWS excels at good customer service and could very well serve as examples for other businesses.

    Specifically, I want to acknowledge Violetta Reynoso, Damaris Simonelli, Anita Simonelli and Cathy Loria for their responsiveness and amiable attitudes toward me over the years. Acts of kindness contribute greatly to healing. Thank you!  Best wishes to you all for the best of health and much success in life”.

    Marjorie Nichols

  • Brooklyn, New York

    “Having my medical and mental health needs mangaged under one ‘roof” and that “roof” belonging to BWS gives me peace of mind and makes my life easy. My GYN and therapist are both in one convenient location and the professionalism, courtesy and care I receive is beyond compare.

    I use BWS as the model for any other office I go to and in my opinion no one else lives up to their standards and that is due in large part to founding Director, Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta’s vision and leadership”.

    Virginia Pisaniello

  • Bay Ridge, New York

    “Finding a Gynecologist is never an easy task. It’s such a personal experience on so many levels.  I have been seeing Dr. Ambereen Sleemi, who is just one of the great doctors at Brooklyn’s Women’s Services, for several years now.  Her compassion and genuine concern always confirm that I have chosen wisely. There was a time that she went away on a volunteer mission to Africa, for what felt like a month, so I had to wait for an appointment which I gladly did without hesitation.  Its doctors like her who restore a sense of purpose to the medical profession and inspire other to do good.  Her generosity of spirit, time and knowledge make her an easy doctor of choice. She inspires me to be a finer human being with her display of courage and call of duty, doing such difficult heart wrenching work to help many women of the world. She is my hero, I am proud to be part of her practice and I will remain her loyal patient as long as she will have me”.

    Violette Tonuzi.  Violette Tonuzi Salon and Spa

  • East Stroudsburg, PA

    “Brooklyn Women’s Services is such amazing and valuable asset, with a wonderful administrative and medical staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Abraham’s for many years.  He is a wonderful and I travel all the way from Pennsylvania just to see him. He is kind, caring and thorough. I found him to be very helpful and patient with all my questions and concerns. He was able to help me when no other Doctor could. I feel blessed to have had him and I would highly, and without reservation, recommend him to anyone who asked”.

    Lori Smith