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6th Jan



Is Dieting Really the Answer?

Many of us are dedicated to keeping our new year’s resolutions. The most popular resolution is to lose weight.

The diet and fashion industries have us believing that our bodies are not okay the way they are. The average woman is five feet four inches tall, weighs 140 pounds, and wears a size six. The ideal woman, as portrayed in the entertainment and fashion industries is five feet seven inches tall, weighs around 110 pounds, and wears a size two or smaller.

Women need to learn how to be comfortable with their bodies. Studies show that most diets fail, and most people gain back the weight they lose. Taking care of our bodies is essential for wellness. As women, we would produce powerful results if we were to give up all the energy, time and money we spend trying to change our bodies into a cultural ideal. More women than ever are participating in sports, raising families, and managing careers. We need to celebrate our true accomplishments and strive towards a future of fulfillment and positive feelings of self-worth.

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